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Useful forms for staff at Compass Theatre and Manor Farm


Forms for Duty Shifts

Start of your shift...

During your shift...

At the end of your shift...

Casual Staff Availability Forms

If you need to update your availability at any time before the rotas are confirmed and sent out, please re-submit the entire form as only your most recent submission will be used for doing the Rota

Deadline for submitting your availability is the 1st Thursday of each month.
e.g. To be included in March Rota you must submit your availability before the 1st Thursday of February.

Bars, Vending & Stock-Take Forms

  • Music and Theatres Team Expenditure Request - for all staff requesting budget from Tim Saward (for services and consumables only)
  • Leader's Equipment Expenditure Request - for any staff requesting IT or other equipment from the central budgets. This includes instruments, IT equipment, tools, PPE, bar equipment, furniture and any physical items that are not consumable (Horizon link: only works from computer connected to corporate network)

Frontline (Calls and Emails) Resources


  • Intial Enquiry Form - if you have a room booking query you're not sure how to deal with, you can log it here for someone else to look at.
  • Set Up a New Client use this when taking a first booking or updating client details
  • The All Events Folder on Google Drive - (you must already have permission to this resource in order to access it) - this contains booking spreadsheets, diaries, invoice generator, form emails and refund wizard.
  • Current Prices - this page has the current (14-15) ratecards on it. 15-16 prices will be released in February.
  • Layouts and Hirer Guidance (g-drive; permission required) - various documents you can download and print for your own reference or send to hirers on email.
  • Wedding info for the Great Barn - all the rules and regs are listed here and you can direct customers to for them to look at this themselves.
  • Forms for Functions and Weddings - the complete list of forms that clients need to fill out with rough deadlines. If you need to take details over the phone, this is where to find the right forms.
  • Forms for Shows and Concerts - the complete list of forms that clients need to fill out (or you can fill out for them over the phone if they have the information).
  • Forms for Cow Byre Exhibitions - the complete list of forms that clients need to fill out (or you can fill out for them over the phone if they have the information).
  • The Form Responses Folder (permission required) - this is where all the incoming information from hirers is stored.
  • Requests for dates after March 2016 - at the moment our diaries are not open for Apr 16 and beyond, but we are collating requests via this form. You can fill this out with the hirer on the phone or send them the link directly to it, which is

Weekly Inspections - Compass Theatre

Weekly Inspections - Manor Farm

Monthly Inspections - Compass Theatre

Monthly Inspections - Manor Farm

Quarterly or Six-Monthly Inspections - Compass Theatre

Quarterly or Six-Monthly Inspections - Manor Farm

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